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Attic of Inspiration

For all of your artistic junk

Poof! It's magic.
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Aloha! This was an improv-story community (see below). But then no one ever wrote in it...

How to play:
1. Start a new story by writing a paragraph. (be sure to write the title of the story in the subject box)
2. Add to the story (about a paragraph- not too much) by commmenting to it.
3. You can write comments (critiques, etc.)in stories as long as they are under lj cut.

The Rules:
1. Introduce yourself once you've joined this community. (write "New Author" in the subject box and tell us a little about yourself)
2. Be nice in your posts or comments. Don't be offensive or mean (especially to the creators). And no using "retard" in a derogatory way.
3. Don't be a schizophrenic cow.
4. No repeatitive posts.
5. Be an artistic freak.
6. Post frequently!
7. Have fun and be creative!

Join if you think you're cool enough. You probably are if you can follow the rules above. But please ignore all of the how to play stuff. Feel free to post stories, pictures, music, icons, personal polls, etc. Ciao!